PVC Casement Windows

Our range of PVC Casement Windows includes the following:

  • Bays;
  • Bows;
  • Arches;
  • Circular

Numerous glass designs are available to match or refresh the look of your home.

Sash Windows

Our range of sash windows can compliment various styles of property, utilising modern technology but with a classic look to your home.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn windows are ideal for swift ventilation of homes on sunny days, and operate like no other window system.The top of each Tilt and Turn window will tilt open inwards on bottom hinges, or with another turn of the handle they will open inwardly on their side hinges, making them much easier to self clean and allowing a range of opening positions, owing to their unique mechanism.

Secondary Double Glazing

Sometimes there are windows that by law cannot be removed. These are mostly on listed buildings. To keep the traditional look externally, secondary glazing is a solution that allows the new window to be installed on the interior side to regain the properties unique look as well as insulating the building.

Triple Glazing

Looks similar to traditional; double glazing. Just as its name suggests it offers an additional pane of glass. Improves the thermal efficiency of the property. Approximately 60% more thermally efficient then C-rated double glazed windows AND 40% more efficient than standard A-rated double glazed windows.

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